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SEE HOW: You can submit your feedback about North Monroe and contribute to potential change

Posted at 12:11 PM, Apr 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-26 12:11:08-04
  • The Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency has drawn up a list of potential improvements for North Monroe.
  • Now they are asking for public feedback on their suggestions.
  • Watch the video to find out how you can get involved with these discussions. Don't miss out on the deadlines!


Developments in the safety plans for North Monroe Street continue.

I'm finding out why local leaders want your input on changes they've suggested for the number one gateway into Tallahassee.

Amber Swartz has noticed some improvements.

"Planting trees and flowers, and building that energy up," said Swartz.

Swartz founded Bumblebee Skincare and Waxing and spends a lot of time in our neighborhood.

She is excited to see more growth.

"The cross walks that light up, and you hit the button and it does the bells and whistles," said Swartz, offering suggestions of what she would like to see.

Those types of safety improvements is what the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency is focused on bringing to North Monroe.

They have been working an application draft that would bring over $20 million of federal funding to North Monroe.

"Truly is the focus, safety improvements, to make both the motoring public safe as well as vulnerable users," said Greg Burke with the CRTPA. He runs down the list they've generated with potential identified improvements for the area that include:

"Eliminating sidewalk gaps, eliminating bike lane gaps, improving intersections, improving lighting along the corridor," said Burke.

The next step in the application process is getting public feedback on the list, as well as any additional suggestions.

Leon County Commissioner Rick Minor has played a key role in helping the application process.

I've covered several of his efforts over the past few months. You can find a selection of those pieces here:

"We're going to look at the entire span of North Monroe and figure out where we can make it safer," said Minor.
The focus area is between West Tharpe Street and Capital Circle North West.

"We want to get their ideas of where they think some of the safety issues are," said Minor, explaining why they want the public to get involved.

Commissioner Minor said he is excited about the breath of the suggestions.

"One of the items on the list is adding street, pedestrian crossings for people," said Minor, highlighting one of the suggested improvements. "By doing that here at Talpeco and North Monroe, we make this crossing a lot safer."

Neighbors hope these potential updates will help continue to revitalize the area.

"Just to see where we can create that foot traffic and make it safe," said Swartz.

Neighbors can attend the public meeting on Monday April 29th, starting at 5:30pm to share their feedback on the CRTPA's suggestions. If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can also submit your comments via email to

To access the packet with the CRTPA's potential identified improvements, click here.