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Organization offering free breast screenings and pap smears in Northwest Tallahassee

Tests are by appointment only via 800-230-PLAN
Posted at 6:21 PM, Sep 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-28 18:21:17-04
  • Planned Parenthood Tallahassee will offer free breast screenings and pap smears on Monday, October 2
  • Tests can be booked by appointment only at 800-230-PLAN
  • Local practitioners share why screenings are so important


An organization is making women's health services more accessible.

One of the best and most efficient ways to test for breast or cervical cancer is through screenings and mammograms, said Kristin King.

King, a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood Tallahassee explained what they look for in the screenings.

"Any abnormal masses or lumps, that way we can find it in the early stages which is most treatable," said King.

King said anyone over the age of 21 with breasts should be getting a screening every year or 2 years from a clinician. She said there are exceptions such as family history but she said women can keep on top of it by doing their own breast exams at home.

"We do recommend that at least once a month. So they do notice if there is anything abnormal one day," said King.

According to Kelly Uanino, owner of Be Strong Therapy Services, occupational therapist, and lyphedema therapist, breast cancer is the number 1 health related issue in women.

Uanino explained why these screenings are so important and how women can cope with life even with a cancer diagnosis.

"We try to get people to focus on their future and not necessarily exactly what they're going through at the moment," said Uanino.

She said she also understands why screenings can be scary.

"We call it scan-xiety, everybody gets nervous," said Uanino.

She shared some advice if you're feeling nervous.

"Plan a lunch date afterwards and have fun something to look forward to after that, to get your mind off of it," said Uanino.

Back in Northwest Tallahassee, Planned Parenthood will be providing free breast screenings and Pap smears on October 2nd for the entire day. Tests are by appointment only via 800-230-PLAN.