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VIDEO: What neighbors want as Leon County's tornado cleanup winds down

Posted at 10:34 PM, Jul 01, 2024
  • Leon County crews began a final pass of debris cleanup on June 24th. It’s set to end July 12th.
  • Leon County says crews have already collected 14 times more debris than following Hurricane Idalia.
  • Watch the video above to hear from neighbors in my neighborhood as the debris cleanup wraps up.


While some communities are getting back to normal after those May 10th tornadoes, other neighborhoods still have lingering damage.

I’m Terry Gilliam your southwest Tallahassee neighborhood reporter.

I check in with neighbors as they hope all debris will be cleaned up by the county's deadline.

“My boys and I were in the home as a tornado came through.”

Jennifer Agama and her three boys remember the May 10th tornadoes like it was yesterday.

“That day was very terrifying!”

Tornadoes tore through the city leaving behind major damage.

Tree limbs piled by the side of the road, some trees snapped at the root still lying in front of homes.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’re hoping that it is complete by next week.”

Leon County crews began a final pass of debris cleanup on June 24th. It’s set to end July 12th.

“The trees are being picked up; we have a lot of debris that’s still down, but I see the effort that’s been put in place. There is a big difference.”

Leon County says they’ve collected more than 8-thousand (8,526) truckloads of debris. That’s 327,616 cubic yards. 14 times the debris collected after Hurricane Idalia.

While in my neighborhood on Monday, I talked to another neighbor, Tim Noel.

I asked him about his experience, and if he thinks the county’s debris cleanup will be successful.

“A tornado is something I’d never want somebody to go through. I think they will be able to do that because of how fast they did everything after the tornado; the debris was gone just as fast as it came down.”

I asked Agama if she hopes for total clean up, not just in her neighborhood, but throughout the city.

“I’m hoping that!”

In Southwest Tallahassee, Terry Gilliam, ABC27.