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UNDER CONSTRUCTION: New drop-in center will serve families impacted by homelessness, how neighbors can help

Posted at 4:54 PM, Apr 04, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-04 16:54:27-04
  • Capital City Youth Services is working on a new drop-in center to serve young people and their families impacted by homelessness.
  • The facility is currently under construction. CCYS is looking for donations and volunteer support to finish the building.
  • Watch the video to hear how some of our youngest community members have been getting involved and how this resource will help our 32304 ZIP code and beyond


A new facility to serve vulnerable families is in the process of coming to our 32304 neighborhood. I'm finding out how this facility will serve our neighbors affected by homelessness and how you can help.

Serving neighbors with collaboration and community, that's what's happening at Capital City Youth Services.

They're preparing to launch their Going Places Drop-in Center.

The idea is to serve young people and their families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

"Take a shower, get a hot meal, get a little food to take with them," said Gwynn Virostek with CCYS. "Coming in and using our computer to get a bus pass, coming in and having us help you to get a birth certificate."

The project will expand current services they already offer. It’s in the process of being built.

Virostek highlighted the areas that will host a range of resources as well as case management and counseling.

In addition, Virostek said they will also host some of their partnerships with other organizations on site.

"Many times our families that we come in contact with, we do the cross referral with so many of our other providers in the area," said Virostek.

One of the agencies is Safe Families for Children North Florida.

"This will be a great place for people to feel like it's a second home," said Virostek.

Cathy Campbell with Safe Families said the location of the facility is so important.

"It'ss easily accessible to our shelters," said Campbell. "As families are staying in one of the shelters, or in this area because they know that resource is there, they can get access to this opportunity to come."

It's all about giving back to uplift our community. A value that's also going into the preparations and foundations of the building.

CCYS has volunteer opportunities to help get involved with their new site.

"We really just want to help out those in need," said Sydney Inman, a ninth grade student at Community Christian School.

"We would like to instill in them just a desire to serve," said Jennifer McFarland, a teacher there.

A step towards uplifting more neighbors.

"Happy to be here and part of the community, and want to help these families be in a better place," said Virostek.

Virostekhopes to serve between 200 and 300 families a month with their new facility. She said they're looking for donations to be able to finish the center, as well as volunteer support. You can find information about to how help CCYS reach their goal here.