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Tallahassee spotlights importance of men's health and wellness through Men's Health Fair and Workshop

Posted at 6:46 PM, Jun 29, 2024
  • Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church held a Men’s Health Fair and Workshop.
  • The event featured three health expert speakers and a safe space for open discussion.
  • Watch the video to hear how the event educated and encouraged men to prioritize their health.


June is Men's Health Month, which is meant to spread awareness to men across the nation about the importance of taking charge of their health.
I'm neighborhood reporter Kenya Cardonne in Southwest Tallahassee, where a local Health Fair and Workshop is helping men in our neighborhoods do just that.

Daryl Crenshaw, MD Nephrologist - "Having men come out and be informed, receiving knowledge, wisdom, understanding on health and wellness— I think it's a benefit to all of mankind in the long run."

That was the theme for Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church's Men's Health Fair and Workshop.

Saturday, dozens gathered at the church to bask in the knowledge of health experts and connect with other men in the community looking to get serious about their health.

Dr. Crenshaw - "Pretty much amongst all men, they have this inherent fear of seeing doctors, but we're really trying to dispel that."

According to the Indiana University School of Medicine, only 60% of men go to the doctor for a yearly, routine check up. 40% of men won't go until something is seriously wrong.

Event speaker and nephrologist Dr. Daryl Crenshaw tells me the lack of conversation about that very issue — is partly to blame.

Dr. Crenshaw - "And I think part of that is really trying to get men to understand the importance of investing in themselves."

Al King, Neighbor - "It was very informative, I mean there were some stuff that I think we as Black males tend to take for granted."

Neighbors I spoke with tell me some of the biggest takeaways were about preventive care.

Arthur Smith, Neighbor - "What you eat is your medicine. That plays a bigger part in your life."

King - "Checking to see if you got sleep apnea, keep an eye on your blood pressure."

Lewis Smith, Neighbor - "Hypertension, how it sneaks up on you and you could just be walking and pass out."

They tell me they wish to see more resourceful events like this for the community.

Jonathan Peterson, Deacon at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church - "A lot of participants got a lot out of it and were asking us, when are you going to do another one?"

The event served to not only encourage men to take care of themselves, but to also set the example.

Arthur Smith - "That's the reason why we came today, to listen to other men talk about being healthy, learning what to do for yourself so you can be a friend to somebody else."

Experts say men who want to prioritize their health can start by working on these four habits: eating healthier, exercising, staying on top of preventive health care and for those who smoke, quitting it.

In Southwest Tallahassee, Kenya Cardonne, ABC 27