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"Service above self" - Tallahassee area Rotarians work to help neighbors recover from tornado damage

Storms on May 10 led to estimated $50 million in damage in Tallahassee area
Posted at 5:58 PM, Jun 01, 2024
  • Rotarians from around the Tallahassee area are volunteering to help neighbors recover from the May 10 tornado. '
  • Severe weather led to at least $50 million in damage in the Tallahassee area.
  • Watch the video above to see how Rotary is working to help.


Service above self: it's one motto this group of volunteers takes very seriously. "We need to come together and either pay forward or pay it back. Fortunately today we're paying it forward."

I'm Kenya Cardonne, your neighborhood reporter in Southwest Tallahassee. I followed the Rotary Club of Tallahassee as they worked to help neighbors recovery from a historic tornado.

Path of the two tornadoes on May 10

Saturday morning., the sound of recovery could be heard echoing around this Tallahassee neighborhood. Tallahassee Rotary Club members taking a chainsaw and selfless manpower to a massive tree.

Alasdair Roe, Member of Tallahassee Rotary Club - "She had a limb straight through, like an 8-foot limb straight through her roof and we were able to pull that out, take the tree off of her roof and then cover it up with a tarp."

More than 3 weeks after a tornado tore through this neighborhood, volunteers are still showing up to help. Rotarian, Alasdair Roe, tells me is all part of the club's plan to help neighbors recover.


FAMU suffers damage, neighbors react to the severe weather event

The team put their disaster recovery wagon to good use. There's still a lot of work to be done. Friday, we told you May 10th's storms did an estimated $50 million in damage. That number could go even higher.

Money can help move the community forward, "but the real resources are the people that you've seen," Roe added.

The club's president tells me no tool is more powerful than the selflessness and teamwork these volunteers carry.

Kelley Phillips, President of Tallahassee Rotary Club - "Just a tremendous mess. Now it's all cleaned up because we had 10 or 15 people that all came together and their man power is united and that's kind of the secret behind Rotary."

Furthering Rotary's mission of service above self.

Since May 10th, the Rotary Club has helped at least a dozen across Tallahassee recover from storm damage.