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DOORS REOPEN: Renovations boost services at HOPE community helping families

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jun 12, 2024
  • HOPE Community, the shelter serving homeless families in the Big Bend reopens its doors following renovations.
  • That's thanks to public, private, and government support for this project.
  • Watch the video to see the changes and to hear from lived experience and why HOPE is so important in our community.


HOPE, the family shelter in the Big Bend, is reopening after significant renovations.

I'm following up on the progress made and how these services will help families.

Reopening their doors following over $2 million in renovations.

Long-awaited upgrades for HOPE and Family Promise of the Big Bend, with the help of public, private and government support in the Big Bend.

HOPE provides second chances to help families transition from homelessness into housing.

That focus meant everything to neighbors like Kiara Greene.

"I'm a convicted felon, and it's hard," said Greene. She said she was finally able to breathe.

While on campus, Greene was able to restructure her life for her 3 children.

"My kids were able to have a roof over their head and food," said Greene. "Seeing them like light up, I think that's what relieved me."

With HOPE's support, in just 5 months, she was able to move out into her own home.

"Every day, it's not peaches and rainbows, but I feel good," said Greene.

Shamarial Roberson, Chair of the Board at Family Promise of the Big Bend, said that is the goal with the upgrades: to continue to build resilient families.

"Where they can have access to financial literacy, job information, access to educational resources," said Roberson.

New features include renovated bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and their dining room.

"Made it feel more like a home, so it's like a home away from home," said Roberson.

Greene said the upgrades visualize the one emotion she felt so strongly here.

"That's love. People come and love on you here," said Greene/

Family Promise of the Big Bend said families will return on-site next week.