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SEE HOW: Veterans can access support and connect with resources in Northwest Tallahassee

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jul 03, 2024
  • The American Legion Post 13 is offering support to vulnerable veterans.
  • They advocate on behalf of neighbors to connect veterans with resources and agencies in the community.
  • Watch the video to find out why they want to help you and how you can access this service.


Posts are noticing an increasing number of veterans in need. But say many are unaware of the help that’s available to them.

That’s why we’re looking into out how veterans can find an advocate in Northwest Tallahassee to help access food, shelter and other critical resources. Here’s how it works.

"We're just a group of dedicated individuals whose sole purpose is to help you the veteran in our community," said Rodney Keener with The American Legion Post 13.

Help - in the form of food, shelter, emotional support and more - is just a call away to the team at the American Legion Post 13.

They act as advocates for veterans in need.

Post members, like Keener, will connect veterans to agencies that can intervene with resources.

"A focal point to steer a veteran in the right direction to the agency that they can get help," said Keener.

Help that was life-saving for veteran Dove McClain. She didn't have anywhere to live.

"To not have anywhere to live in a country that you served is one of the most depressing things you can go through," said McClain.

Keener at this post helped her out.

"Making phone calls or reaching out to resources he's taking me places I need to go," said McClain.

In 72 hours, Keener had found her housing.

Keener's support has opened her eyes to all the veteran resources available in town.

However, McClain said, when you're alone and struggling, that help is not always easy to ask for.

"Something like this, a crisis, can cause a downward spiral and where people will go into a very dark place and some people don't come out of that dark place," said McClain.

According to the Veteran Affairs website, there are 17.5 veteran suicides a day across the Country.

Keener said his main priority is to reduce this number.

"[Our] main objective is helping veterans in anyway that we can and it doesn't cost a veteran a penny," said Keener.

As the newest post member, McClain is joining him on this mission.

"I want to be a difference similar to the one that was shown to me," said McClain.

If veterans are looking to connect with resources across our County, they can get in-person help at the upcoming Stand Down event. They’ll be a range of organizations to help veterans in need. That will be held at the FAMU Lawson center on July 12th and 13th.