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NEIGHBORS RESPOND: Local nonprofit clothing drive in Northwest Tallahassee boosted by thousands of donations

Lemondrop nonprofit ran a clothing drive Sunday with over 5000 articles of clothing donated by neighbors
NEIGHBORS RESPOND: Local nonprofit clothing drive in Northwest Tallahassee boosted by thousands of donations
Posted at 7:25 PM, Jun 30, 2024
  • Lemondrop hosted a clothing drive in Northwest Tallahassee Sunday with over 5000 pieces of clothing donated by neighbors.
  • It helps those in need when inflation has affected the price of basic goods by 18% since 2020, according to the Consumer Price Index.
  • Watch now to hear from one neighbor who found the drive helpful while struggling with homelessness.


A clothing giveaway led by neighbors, for neighbors.

"Sometimes people take it for granted that everyone has got what they need out here, especially in America, because we're so blessed that even our dumpsters are blessed, that's what I always say."

I'm Alberto Camargo in the Northwest Tallahassee neighborhood.

I'm checking out a free clothes drive by a local nonprofit that one volunteer called the definition of community.

Earlier this week, we told you that Lemondrop — a local nonprofit — has been struggling to meet the demand for their services.

After asking the community for donations, they were able to host Sunday's clothing giveaway.

Lemondrop says it had over 5000 different pieces of clothing, not including all the shoes available.

"I got 10 articles of clothing, I got them for my family, my husband, my granddaughters, my daughter."

Cristy Backus has been dealing with homelessness on and off for a few years.

She says simply opening up to helped is tough to do.

"Your mindset is the biggest battle whenever you're in great need to, because sometimes your mind will try to lie to you and tell you you're not worthy of these things."

The Consumer Price Index says prices for basic goods has increased 18% since the onset of the pandemic.

Cristy tells me Sunday's event helped grab a couple of items for her granddaughter ahead of a special day.

"Her birthday is the 6th of July, so might as well get her something while she doesn't know."

"That's what we do in communities. We help, we supply, we support, we provide. Gets no better than that."

Ivan Tate was one of the several volunteers helping out Sunday.

He says despite going through his own battles with food and housing insecurity, extending a hand to help others makes him happy.

"We all have different things going on, and as long as our paths are going the right way, great things will come. This is a great thing, it's helpful for the community. We're giving back to the people."

Lemondrop says any clothes still left over after Sunday will be included in a back to school clothing drive in august.

In northwest Tallahassee, Alberto Camargo, ABC27.