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Neighbors notice more speeding in school zones; how LCSO is cracking down on speed

Posted at 3:55 PM, Jun 25, 2024
  • Neighbors say they have noticed more speeding in school zones since the summer has started.
  • Local parent, Austin Clark, is asking neighbors to slow down and remember summer school is in session.
  • Leon County Sheriff's Office has made cracking down on speeding a major focus across our neighborhoods. Watch the video to find out what this process involves.


Parents concerned about speeding in school zones, saying drivers are forgetting summer school is in session.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) tells me they're cracking down on speeding, we're finding out what this involves.

Classes may be out for the summer, but those school zones are still in session for summer school.

And that means the speed limits are too.

"I've noticed a lot of people not being aware of the signs anymore," said Northwest Tallahassee parent, Austin Clark. He gets nervous around this time of the year.

"People just don't think about "Oh there's summer school", it may slip their mind or whatever, and go zooming through that school zone," said Clark.

So he keeps an extra eye on where his kids will be.

"Someone could accidentally come up, swerve and hit them or something if they're going too fast," said Clark. "It makes me a little weary about letting the kids walk to school by themselves.

The issue is top of mind for the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

"As far as traffic enforcement goes, speed is what we're trying to crack down on," said Deputy Gabe Rossmini. He shared data from the Florida Department of Transportation.

In 2023, Leon County had 6160 crashes with 38 deaths.

Rossmini also said according US Department of Transportation data, in 2021, 28% of deadly crashes were speed-related.

Rossmini said LCSO is using speed trailers and increasing their presence to catch speed and aggressive driving

"We're not out here to be a hassle to people, my biggest concern is the safety of citizens," said Clark.

Austin hopes drivers will have a little more caution.

"So no one gets hurt, that's the only thing I want to see, safety, and no one gets hurt," said Clark.

If you're noticing speeding where you live, you can always submit a traffic complaint through the Leon County Sheriff's Office website at this link.