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ABC 27 checks up on the construction timeline for the new grocery store in Griffin Heights

Posted at 2:35 PM, May 22, 2024
  • The City of Tallahassee says construction will begin on the grocery store in Griffin Heights this year.
  • They confirm design, construction drawings and specifications for the building have been completed.
  • Watch the video to hear from neighbors about why this grocery store is needed and what next steps look like in the construction timeline.


The waiting game is almost over for Griffin Heights. That's for a new grocery store.

We're hearing from neighbors about how this store will benefit the community and checking up on the timeline for construction.

Neighbors who are ready and waiting...

"I'm excited about we're doing, I want to see growth," said Lachanthia Hall, a neighbor who has lived in Griffin Heights for six years.

For a grocery store they believe will be life changing.

"We need this here, we need this store," said Cynthia Moore, who was born and raised here.

These neighbors tell me right now traveling to buy groceries is expensive and a big stress.

"It's a hard feeling, not be able to come where you grow up at to buy groceries," said Michael Hills, another neighbor here.

A new grocery store funded by the City of Tallahassee will change this for neighbors.

A necessity as Griffin Heights has been deemed a food desert.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, their Food Atlas shows this neigborhood has a high number of households that do not have vehicles and are more than 0.5 miles from a supermarket.

Mayor Prom-Tem Curtis Richardson said the project is part of the City's revitalization commitments.

"To making this one of those neighborhoods that people want to live in, raise a family, and that they have the amenities they need in order to be successful at doing that," said Richardson.

The City said the the design, construction drawings, and specifications for the building have been completed.

Pastor Rudy Ferguson said the beautification of this neighborhood is honoring the rich history of Griffin Heights and be a source of pride.

"Bring back the fabric of hope, community, and something we can call our own," said Ferguson.

As well as seal the promise of progress for future generations.

"I can be successful in the community where I live," said Hall.

A look at next steps, the City said they will offer an invitation to bid to acquire a contractor and submit for the environmental permit. They add construction will begin this year.

Project Milestones sent from the City of Tallahassee:

  • "Hosted a community meeting in July 2023 to obtain input and ideas from residents regarding the proposed store. Renderings of the building have been shared with the community and the neighborhood has provided feedback.
  • The building on the site (All In One Supermarket) was demolished last August.
  • The design, construction drawings and specifications for the building have been completed and, on February 29, the application for a building permit submitted. We have received the final site plan approval and will be submitting for the Environmental permit next.
  • Next steps include issuing an ‘Invitation to Bid’ to solicit a contractor with construction to begin this year.
  • A solicitation proposal to recruit a vendor who will operate the store is in development."