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TCC wants your input on its name change; see how it could impact Southwest Tallahassee business

Posted at 6:14 PM, Sep 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-21 18:17:42-04
  • A new name for TCC could lead to more student enrollment, and that could create a positive economic impact.
  • TCC has set three town hall meetings for possible name changes in Wakulla, Leon, and Gadsden County.


"I think they'll benefit from the name change."

That's TCC President Jim Murdaugh.

"The name change should in fact communicate to people that we are so much more than people think we are."

Upgraded curriculum...One reason he says a change is needed.

That change could have a ripple effect on the surrounding neighborhood...Mainly with an influx of more students.

"70 percent will be students and 20 percent would be local people."

Eugenio Martinez owns locos tacos. He's used to seeing students as customers already.

I asked him what he thinks a name change at school could do for his business.

"I hope the business can increase, and more student that come to town, more business we can have."

I asked Murdaugh directly how the name change could impact the neighborhood economy.

Speaking from an economic sense, what type of economic impact do you plan on seeing?

"I think the economic benefit would be the fact that we're producing talent. We're producing the talent that our community needs. As we provide talent, additional talent to the workforce and to those companies; we expect to see those companies grow."

Murdaugh's answer was something sophomore TCC student, Brandon Ken Brown could agree with…

"It's definitely going to bring Tallahassee and all businesses surrounding TCC to a new level."