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Locals weigh in on North Monroe Street

Leon County Planning Department is asking for input
Posted at 6:42 PM, Oct 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-03 21:16:19-04
  • Leon County Planning Department is asking locals for input regarding North Monroe updates
  • One 36-year-old business wants to see immediate change
  • Watch the video to hear what locals want to see and what the County plans to do about it


Leon County is looking to speak to locals in the North Monroe Corridor.

Lana Radke is one of the co-owners of Salty Dawg Pub and Deli. It's been situated here on North Monroe for 36 years. While she said she loves her customers that treat her well.

"There's a lot of great people, a lot," said Radke.

She said she can't say the same about how the County has maintained the area.

"When grass is up above your knees, and there's trash everywhere, it's not a good look," said Radke.

Radke said visuals are so important in how a place is respected. She's seen this first hand in the food industry.

"When I serve you something, a burger, a cheesesteak, wings whatever, if I just throw it in a basket, throw it in there, and you've got lettuce falling off it and tomatoes and mustard slopped in there," explained Radke.
"It doesn't look good. You eat with your eyes first."

Radke said people are doing the same thing with North Monroe, which is why she says it's got a bad reputation.

So I was surprised to learn that an area that has been left behind is also the number one gateway into Tallahassee. Commissioner Rick Minor tells me this. He is the District 3 representative for Leon County which contains the majority of North Monroe.

Minor said investing in North Monroe is one of his highest priorities.

"It affects everyone in the county because people form an impression about Tallahassee from what they see on North Monroe," said Minor.

Commissioner Minor is asking for local feedback this week to present to the County and City commission.

Lana shared some ideas.

"Mowing , edging, planting plants, cleaning up the sidewalks, pressure washing, painting lines," said Minor.

The Leon County Planning Department is hosting a range of events this week where you can share your thoughts about North Monroe. As your neighborhood reporter, I also want to hear from you. Do you share Lana's feelings? Are you a local to the area like me who wants to see change? Email me and let me know what improvements you'd like to see and how they will help our community.