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Law enforcement confirms they have seen crime increase on North Monroe; here's what they're doing about it

Posted at 6:12 PM, Oct 20, 2023
  • Locals are divided about public safety on North Monroe, online discussions show an overwhelming number feel unsafe
  • Leon County Sherriff's Office says tackling crime on the street is "absolutely on their radar"
  • Watch the video to find out how your local neighbors feel and to hear a solution directly from law enforcement


Locals have come forward to share their opinions about public safety on North Monroe.

When Northwest Tallahassee local, Sheila Gmeiner, was asked if she felt safe on North Monroe Street, she was hesitant to answer.

"I'm concerned," said Gmeiner.

Over the last 6 years, Gmeiner said she has seen a decline in the area.

"Visual issues with trash, transience, homeless, I know that is a concern everywhere in Tallahassee," said Gmeiner. "The amount of sexual predators in the 2 mile radius is staggering."

She said she finds it concerning for families.

According to the Leon County Sheriff's Office, on the stretch of North Monroe between Fred George Road and Capital Circle NW, these are some of the recent statistics that have been recorded since June 3, 2023:

- 66 Suspicious or Wanted incidents

- 20 Traffic incidents
- 8 Be On The Look Out incidents
- 2 Hit and Runs

However, Captain Jimmy Goodman said about 90% of the suspicious or wanted incidents are created by deputies patrolling the area. He said they often involve people not committing a crime whatsoever.

Goodman said while his team are focused on the North Monroe Corridor, he said he also hopes locals will do their due diligence.

He is pushing for more neighborhood watches in the area. They've even created a business watch.

"They're our eyes and ears on the ground, they're living there, and working there, we want to provide that service to them," said Goodman.

Gmeiner didn't seem too convinced by the idea.

"Fear would be the reason wouldn't want to get involved, being pinpointed, being targeted, having their home vandalized," said Gmeiner.

According to Tallahassee Police Department, there have been no new neighborhood watches set up in zip code 32303 in the last 6 months.

Another local neighbor, Rhonda Shipley disagreed with Sheila. Although she said she does not leave her property often, she said she feels perfectly safe on North Monroe. However, she does agree on another point."

"I've never been involved with a neighborhood watch that is very successful," said Shipley.

Gmeiner and Shipley both said it all depends on who your surrounding community is.

Captain Goodman said there are 4 active Leon County Sheriff Office neighborhood watches in 32303, and 15 in the whole of Leon County. He is in charge of the team pushing to create more, and he's encouraging you to be a part of this initiative.

More details can be found here. This is only part one of an exploration into the issues on North Monroe. As always, email me and share your thoughts.