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Apprenticeship for High School juniors and Seniors shows alternate route to college

Posted at 5:56 AM, Oct 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-24 05:56:17-04
  • Leon Works is an apprenticeship program open to all high school juniors and seniors in Leon County
  • Leon County Human Resources says in 2026, they'll be 70,000 skilled jobs available in Tallahassee
  • Watch the video to find out how you can apply for Spring 2024


Leon County High School juniors and seniors. Maybe you know what you want to do when you grow up. Maybe you have absolutely no idea. One new program might be your solution.

Joseph, Amir, Yasmine have all taken a keen interest in the Leon Works initiative. It's an apprenticeship program that allows students to try out skilled careers. such as construction, and medical services.

The program presents a career path that's different to your traditional 4 year college.

"Carpentry, mechanics, welding," said Joseph DeRouen, when talking about his intersts. He's excited that the program will allow him to get one step closer to his goal.

"Trade school, that would be the best option for me," said DeRouen.

It's showing kids there are more options out there. Yasmine Delgado agrees.

"It's very important to know that there's not one way in this world," said Delgado.

They'll be following in the footsteps of Matthew Goodwin. He's a 19 year old EMT.

"We run a lot of calls, I think we're running anywhere from 900 to 1000 calls a week," said Goodwin.

That's thanks to the Leon Works program - and he wants more people to know about it.

"A lot of parents and families push the kids to "oh you need to go to college, you need to go to university to get your 4 year degree, and that completely cuts out this market of jobs," said Goodwin

Karines Musgrove, Employment Development Coordinator at Leon County Human Resources, said getting people excited about these jobs is now more important than ever.

"It's estimated that in 2026, there's going to be over 70,000 positions available in the skilled field, just here in Tallahassee," said Musgrove.

For the first time this year they have launched an online process So it couldn't be easier to apply. VisitLeon Works right here for frequently asked questions and the application form to apply.

You have until October 31st to submit your applications. Leon County Human Resources tell me the earlier you can submit them the better. Let me know how you get on! Email: