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FSU 'Love Ambassador' Eva Killings receives love back from the community ahead of retirement

Students and alumni are rallying to raise funds for Killings retirement.
FSU 'Love Ambassador' Eva Killings receives love back from the community ahead of retirement
Posted at 6:34 PM, Nov 30, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-30 18:34:07-05
  • Ms. Eva Killings has worked at Florida State University since 1975, now in a role called the 'Love Ambassador'.
  • She is coming up on retirement, and the FSU community is pitching into her retirement fund with t-shirts and love.
  • Watch now to see Ms. Killings reflect and appreciate how the people she has impacted are now giving back to her.


"This is every day for you Ms. Killings?"

"Yes, every day. I have so many babies."

Giving back to someone who did just that for generations.

I'm Alberto Camargo in Collegetown.

Here at Florida State University where one woman has been a constant presence of love on campus.

Now, when she's in need of some back, she is feeling...


For decades, FSU students have run into Ms. Eva Killings at some point in their college life.

47 going on 48 years of hugs, smiles, and love.

Her career started with University Dining, but nowadays, she's known as the love ambassador.

"May I give you love? I love you. Thank you!"

"I just want to make one student every day happy. If I make one student happy, I'm the happiest old lady around."

Ms. Killings is starting to consider retirement due to health issues...

And a tragic loss.

"My life changed when I lost my son in a car accident. And so, it's been hard."

To help with her retirement fund, the FSU community has organized t-shirts with Madison Social to benefit Ms. Killings.

FSU alum Colbi Thykadavil took the lead in setting it all up.

She says its the least 'Nole Nation can do for her.

"We can't say or ever give back fully to her in the way that she did to us. So I think the best that we can is to try to leave an impact on the woman that's left a lasting one on us."

When I asked Ms. Killings how the efforts make her feel...

"I'm just happy and grateful that God put people out there that want to be able to help me."

When she interacts with her babies, Ms. Killings' happy spirit is unbreakable, no matter what she's going through personally.

Thykadavil says people like that are scarce.

"I think she should be celebrated, because we do not have people like Ms. Killings anymore."

Ms. Killings t-shirts will be available starting December 6. In Collegetown, I'm Alberto Camargo, ABC27.