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FAMU homecoming tailgate means a lot more than just a pregame party to alumni and fans

ABC 27’s Alberto Camargo spent Saturday asking Rattlers why the culture around HBCU tailgates is so important for all generations
FAMU homecoming tailgate means a lot more than just a pregame party
Posted at 7:25 PM, Oct 28, 2023
  • FAMU's homecoming tailgate was more than just a pregame party, it's a chance for reunions and nostalgia
  • FAMU beat Prairie View A&M 45 to 7 Saturday
  • Watch now to hear from several fans who spent the day in orange and green


I'm Alberto Camargo, your Collegetown neighborhood reporter. Florida A&M homecoming can only be described as a party. I came to see for myself and find out why some people say the tailgate is more important than the game.

The streets around Bragg Memorial Stadium were as packed as you'd expect, with thousands of Rattlers... and a couple actual rattlers.

There's only space for 19,000 people inside Bragg, so what were the rest of them here for?

Alum McDonald Jean says there's more significance to an HBCU block party than your average school.

"Tailgating for any HBCU is a big deal because this is sort of like the epicenter where you meet people that you have not seen in years."

That's something I heard from multiple people I spoke with...

"I love seeing the faces, the familiarity. Sometimes you don't remember the name but it's like "hey girl!"

The football will always be there, but you never know if or when you'll see that old friend again.

"10 of us are here now, but the other two are here in spirit. We're going to think about them and bless the food."

Oh boy... the food. Just about everywhere I looked, there was something to make my stomach growl.

It's more than enough food for one afternoon... and that's by design.

"After the game we'll come back out here. We'll probably be out here until 12, or 1, or 2..."

It's the annual tradition thousands of Rattlers look forward to.

Certainly a lot more than Bragg can fit.

Before homecoming ends, Rattler alumni and fans are already planning for next year. In Collegetown, I'm Alberto Camargo, ABC27.