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Tallahassee Community College hosts final town hall to discuss possible rebrand

The college is considering changing the school's name and branding to more accurately fit the college's vision for the future. It held local town halls to get feedback from the community.
Tallahassee Community College hosts final town hall to discuss possible rebrand
Posted at 10:04 PM, Oct 04, 2023
  • Tallahassee Community College is considering a rebrand to change the school's name to better reflect it's future mission.
  • This comes after the school announced three more Bachelor's degree programs it will offer to students.
  • Watch to hear from two current TCC students on their opinions of a possible name change.


"Maybe it's time that you all change, and move away from being a community college and move to being a college."

Over 50 years of "Tallahassee Community College" may be coming to an end. I'm Alberto Camargo in Collegetown, on the campus of what might not be TCC for long. The college hosted three town halls to hear feedback from the community about the name change that's being explored. I attended the final meeting on Wednesday to hear what our neighbors had to say.

The final town hall was held at TCC's Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Gadsden County. One of the TCC students in attendance was Natalia Close, who graduated with her AA in 2010. You just watched her find out that a name change is possible. Natalia says she doesn't think it's necessary, but does have one condition if it does change.

"I think Tallahassee should stay in the name, but hopefully they pick a good name to change it to."

Her classmate Tim Coxwell, who graduated from Valdosta State when it added University to its name, agrees.

"I am in favor of keeping Tallahassee in the name, but I think that maybe community is something that could be dropped."

The good news for people like Natalia and Tim is that officials from Pace Marketing and TCC President Jim Murdaugh also agree.

"Because words matter. And again what we're trying to determine is what is the right name of our college to project where we are going."

Pace Marketing says the two words that are likely safe are Tallahassee and College. Pace and TCC have conducted focus groups for weeks and will finalize four or five names by the end of October.

TCC says it anticipates a name change being presented to the Board of Trustees in its November 27 meeting.