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Bragg Stadium plans for FHSAA Championship expects to bring in millions for local businesses

Posted at 6:18 PM, Sep 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-21 18:18:39-04
  • Bragg Stadium's plans to host FHSAA is expected to bring in millions for Tallahassee local businesses
  • Roy Conway, owner of Conchman Conway, is one of the vendors excited by the prospect
  • Leon County Board of County Commissioners will hold a final vote in October


30,000 fans could make their way to the capital city as Tallahassee looks to bring more football to Bragg memorial stadium.

The proposed event will have a large impact on neighborhood businesses like local food truck, Conchman Conway.

Roy Conway and his wife own and operate the popular seafood spot. They're locals around the Bragg Stadium area.

"I'm also an alumni of FAMU anyway," said Conway. "I came up fall '96, Marching 100."

Known for his homemade conch and shrimp sauces, the former Rattles has made a living with Conchman Conway for 5 years.

Over the years, the crowds that gather around Bragg on game days have flocked to his business.

"Whew, man, lines will be all around the corner," said Conway.

However, when this season wraps up and the calendar turns to December, Conway said his business looks a lot different .

"When December comes, not just for me, but for a lot of people who do food, everything declines," Conway added.

This year, that could change.

On Thursday, FAMU and Visit Tallahassee announced their plans to host state championships here. They're scheduled for Dec. 7-9.

If approved, thousands of people will come to Tallahassee, bringing more potential customers to Conchman Conway.

Kerri Post, Visit Tallahassee Director, said the flow of visitors will bring millions of dollars to the area.

"$11 million in economic impact of visitors spending and coming into our community over those 3 or 4 days," said Post.

For FAMU, it is the first time all nine champions of high school football will be crowned at Bragg in 40 years. Just in time, with a brand new face lift to improve the game day experience.

"We are really committed to making sure everyone who comes to our stadium, no matter what the event, has a first class experience," said Tiffani-Dawy Sykes, Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics at FAMU.

All that's left is for the Leon County Board of County Commissioners to approve the funding agreement at a meeting in October.

This was a welcome surprise to Conway who found out shortly after Thursday's announcement.

"I'm so glad you came and told me about it anyways," said Conway. "I didn't even know."

When fans check out the stadium, they'll get to enjoy the nearly $10 million dollars in renovations that were completed last fall.