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UPDATE: Leon Co. Commissioners vote to approve new signage honoring Althea Gibson along Wahnish Way

The original idea to rename the road itself was amended during Tuesday night's meeting
Wahnish Way set to be renamed to Althea Gibson Way in honor of FAMU Athletics Hall of Famer
Posted at 6:49 PM, Mar 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-19 19:03:30-04


The Leon County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve new signage that will honor Althea Gibson. The original plan to rename Wahnish Way in its entirety, from FAMU Way to Bragg Drive, to “Althea Gibson Way," was altered during Tuesday evening's meeting. Part of the concern over changing the road's actual name involved first responders knowing where they're going in an emergency. There were concerns that renaming just a segment of an entire road may lead to confusion.

Now, leaders will move forward with signs honoring Gibson along the roadway. The name Wahnish Way will stay the same and actual road signs that help drivers know where they're traveling will stay the same.


  • Video shows the timeline and scope of Wahnish Way renaming project to Althea Gibson Way — Gibson was the first female athlete inducted into the FAMU Athletics Hall of Fame in 1976.
  • If the Leon County Board of Commissioners approve the name change Tuesday, the road will be renamed on April 3.
  • Watch now to hear from one neighbor who met Althea as a child speak on the significance of the road name.


A new name on display right through the heart of campus.

I'm Alberto Camargo, your College Town neighborhood reporter...

Walking down Wahnish Way, which could be getting a new name.

One that honors a Florida A&M sports great.

I'm finding out when the change would go into effect and what it means for the neighborhood.

A new name for the road, but a familiar one in Tallahassee.

The Leon County Commissioners will SOON MEET to approve the name change from Wahnish Way...

To Althea Gibson Way.

A project that's already gotten the green light from the city of Tallahassee.

Althea Gibson was the first female athlete inducted into the FAMU Athletics Hall of Fame.

She was a championship-winning tennis player and broke color barriers in both pro tennis and golf.

"Althea Gibson Way, because she did it her way."

City of Tallahassee Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox says the timing of the change is perfect.

"And what better time to have this designated during Women's History Month. What a woman she was and what a history maker or her-story maker she was."

The name change will start from the roundabout with FAMU Way down to Bragg Lane, nearly two miles of road.

For the neighbors who live on what is soon to be Althea Gibson Way, it comes with some changes.

They will have one year of mail being redirected to their new addresses to help the transition.

"It's a wonderful thing to know that we can sit here and look at the name of Althea Gibson as cars drive by. That's amazing."

John Franklin says he met Gibson in elementary school, where she interned as his physical education teacher at Bond Elementary.

When it comes to the change he says...

"It should have been renamed a long time ago."

The cost of replacing the 22 corner signs and 6 stoplight signs will come out of the city's operating budget. As for the price — the city was not able to provide me with one right now.

County commissioners will meet on Tuesday.

If approved, the street renaming will go into effect on April 3.

In College Town, Alberto Camargo, ABC27.