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Vendors near Bragg Memorial Stadium grateful for business boom brought by high school state championships

Granny's Fried Kitchen and Conchman Conway each saw a dramatic increase in business
Vendors near Bragg grateful for business boom brought by high school state championships
Posted at 6:02 PM, Dec 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-11 18:02:11-05
  • Over 20,000 high school football fans visited the area around Bragg Memorial Stadium over three days.
  • Vendors like Granny's Fried Kitchen and Conchman Conway each took full advantage of the extra opporunity ahead of the holidays.
  • Watch now to hear how Henry and Diamond Lynn of Granny's are giving back to the community with what they earned.


The high school football games at Bragg Memorial Stadium have wrapped up, but business owners nearby are still celebrating the victories off the field here.

I'm Alberto Camargo in Collegetown.

I'm checking in with the popular vendors in this neighborhood. They're telling me a historic event here over the weekend really paid off.

"Porkchops, fried chicken, hot wings," Granny's Fried Kitchen is run by Henry and Diamond Lynn.

They say a typical Saturday in December might bring them 50 customers. Over this past weekend, "we were able to serve in the course of three days about 400 people, maybe more. So every day about 125 persons, so that's a big boom in business."

That boom is thanks to the over 20,000 fans who attended the nine state championship games in Tallahassee.

Lynn says the extra income will go a long way this holiday season both for them and the community.

"Sunday we're hosting a toy drive at Walker Ford, so it also helps with that so we can purchase for the needy in our community as well."

I also caught up with Roy Conway, who I spoke with last week. He says the high school state championships reminded him of FAMU's biggest event.

"It was like another homecoming man I can't even lie. Whatever inventory you had, whatever you had, it was going."

Taking a look into the future, both Conway and the Lynns hope the games come back to Bragg next year.

"That'd be awesome. Another three days would be very good, man. We need it."

The FHSAA tells me the contract to host the games at Bragg was for one year, but has an option for a second year.

They will meet with FAMU in January to confirm. In Collegetown, I'm Alberto Camargo, ABC27.