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Church continues clean up following Tallahassee tornadoes; why they're looking to the community for help

Posted at 3:01 PM, May 23, 2024
  • St. Michael & All Angel Church is working to clean up following damage from recent tornadoes.
  • Members say it's important this church rebuilds as they are a hub for many organizations and have deep-rooted connections with civil rights history in Tallahassee.
  • Watch the video to find out what recovery looks like and how neighbors can get involved.


Among all the damage from the tornadoes, one long-standing church took a hit. We're speaking with members about what recovery looks like for this building and why they're looking to the community for help.

A place that resonates with neighbors here is rebuilding following recent tornado damage.

"It's a gem over here on this side of town," said Randy Winton, a local volunteer. "There's a lot [of damage] round here, around the neighborhood that needs to be done."

St Michael & All Angel Episcopal Church suffered destruction including fallen trees, debris, water damage, a broken fence, and most significantly damage to the roof of their parish hall.

"It's overwhelming," said Rector Hugh Chapman.

That's because they tell me this hall has been around since 1959 and has historical significance in Tallahassee.

"It's had a history with the civil rights movement of the 60s, and students, and student protesters," said Parishioner Bryon Greene.

This is why they want to get the hall restored as quickly as possible.

"We want to serve, we still have people to care for in the community," said Rector Chapman.

Greene said people depend on this place.

"When you step on the grounds, it does give you a sense of something special," said Greene.

He said the neighborhood would be different without this connector.

"It would be a detriment to the community," said Greene.

That's why they're committed to getting it cleaned up as soon as possible, and they hope neighbors will join them.

"We're very proud of the ambiance here, things don't look so good right now," said Chapman.

Neighbors can volunteer at their community clean up on Saturday March 25. That starts at 9am. Lunch and water will be provided.