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UPDATE: Traffic trouble prevented following ABC 27 report on parking lot cut-through

Barriers went up after our story aired
SEE HOW: Avoiding Railroad Avenue traffic safely; why neighbors are concerned
Posted at 6:06 PM, Apr 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-05 16:38:10-04


Earlier this week I showed you this private parking lot on Railroad Avenue that was being used by drivers as a cut through to get around traffic.

It's private parking for neighbors at Freight Yard apartments and employees of Taproot Agency. After my story on neighbors being concerned about the danger risk, these barricades were put up in front of the wider entrance.

That leaves the only entrance point around the backside, off St. Francis Street.

This means that if you're driving on Railroad Avenue, the only access point past the construction is this parking lot in front of Roboto Tokyo Grill.

As a reminder, the construction project will improve the street's design and walkability. The city of Tallahassee says it is on schedule to be completed by the end of this year.



Finding solutions to a neighborhood concern: I'm Alberto Camargo, your college town neighborhood reporter.

Railroad Avenue has been under construction for months.

Some neighbors are worried about a traffic shortcut drivers have been using that could be dangerous.

I'm digging into a potential fix.

I've been following this project for you since it began last year.

The plan is to make Railroad Avenue look a lot like Gaines Street and FAMU Way while improving pedestrian mobility.

The construction is happening right outside the doors of local businesses like City Dogs Cafe and Taproot Agency, blocking access to St. Francis St. and All Saints St.

Recently, I've noticed that drivers are making their own detour through this privately-owned parking lot between the two.

The problem: this entrance-exit point is only wide enough for one car.

Michael Robinson, Owner of City Dogs, tells me he's noticed it too.

"What is happening is people noticing all this is closed off, so they're using it as a cut through and it isn't safe because especially at night people are zooming by pretty quick."

Another business owner I spoke with who chose not to be on camera says they spoke to the city about this issue.

They say the city has been supportive in finding a solution.

I checked in with the city myself. A city spokesperson told me the city can't close access to the privately-owned lot.

But it does plan to install 'No Thru Traffic' signs in the near future.

Meanwhile, Michael says it's not just the flow of traffic that's been affected by the construction.

"It's been rough, we haven't been able to be consistent with our hours due to all the construction. Right now we're temporarily closed for lunch due to the safety issues we see with the bulldozers and everything going by all day."

If you're coming to the neighborhood, here's a look at what roads are closed off.

The city tells me the project is still on schedule to be completed by the end of the year.

Track the project and find detours here.