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FIND OUT WHY: Trees and other tornado debris taken to Leon County dump site

Leon County says debris pickup will continue for at least another month
FIND OUT WHY: Trees and other tornado debris taken to Leon County dump site
Posted at 7:06 PM, May 24, 2024
  • Leon County says it has picked up enough trees and organic debris to fill 700 dump trucks in just one week.
  • That's already three times more than it ever picked up after Hurricane Idalia.
  • Watch now to find out how much of it is turned into organic material re-purposed for farming.


If you walk or drive-through College Town like I often do, you'll probably have seen debris like this on the side of the road. But once it's gone, you might not think about it anymore.

I'm Alberto Camargo your neighborhood reporter.

I'm digging into what all this debris is being turned into.

All of this — will eventually be turned into this.

Matt Cavell of Leon County community relations says a lot of the extra debris is being taken to this dump site in the Chaires community of Eastern Leon County.

Here, it gets turned into mulch.

"And then it is taken to a local agricultural spot so that it is used as a part of farming and a part of agricultural process which means soil enrichment, stabilization, that kind of stuff."

"It's great but they're going to have a lot more than they need. They're going to have a couple years worth."

Neighbor Philip Twelves says he knows crews have been working to pick up debris — he just can't see an end to it.

"They've got people coming in from out of town and they're working everyday. There's just so much to move I mean there's tons of it."

Cavell says Leon County has picked up over 700 dump trucks full of debris in just one week.

Already three times more than was ever picked up after Hurricane Idalia.

Cavell says pickup efforts will continue for as long as needed.

"We'd expect to be in the community for about one month doing debris collection, however we're going to stick around to get it all done. We're going to pick it all up no matter how long that takes."

Debris pickup for all neighbors across Tallahassee and Leon County is free.

Cavell says curb it, don't burn it.

In College Town, Alberto Camargo, ABC27.