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FAMU suffers big hit from Friday morning's severe weather; leaders figuring out when campus will open

Posted at 5:46 PM, May 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-10 17:46:23-04
  • Florida A&M University felt the impacts of Friday morning's severe weather.
  • These include many fallen trees and power lines, and scattered debris. Neighbors tell me they're shocked at the damage. These are scenes we're seeing across our neighborhoods.
  • Watch the video to hear from neighbors who heard the storm come through, and how they're helping each other.


Florida A & M University suffered extensive damage following Friday morning's severe weather.

Hearing from neighbors who heard the storm come through, and how they're helping each other. Campus looks a little different at Florida A & M University.


That's following Friday morning's severe weather that caused destruction on site and in many of our surrounding neighborhoods.

"Shocking and surprising to me," said Emanuel Jackson, a neighbor in the area.

Olean McCaskill has owned Olean's Cafe for almost 29 years.

"Unlocked that door, this door, and they just blew open," said McCaskill, describing the storm. She said a storm with this much damage is a first time occurrence for her.

"I've seen storms come through, but not like this," said McCaskill.

Her and her husband were preparing food to open when the storm came through.

McCaskill can't believe the destruction but also can't believe how her cafe suffered no damage, other than loss of power.

"I tell you, God blessed this building," said McCaskill.

Friday, they handed out the food they were preparing to neighbors.

"They tell me thank you, thank you, you know it makes me feel good," said McCaskill.

The severe storms knocked down trees across campus. This shows damage outside the Villages.

Reports on FAMU include fallen trees, power outages and blocked roadways, a statement said Friday.

Crews have been working to clean up debris.

FAMU closed campus Friday. They said they are carrying out a damage assessment.

We're not sure yet how long FAMU's campus will be closed. I reached out to FAMU to ask how long they think campus will be closed. They said, they're still figuring it out.