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Domi Station contributes about $100 million to local economy with entrepreneur education and support

Domi's business incubator program generated over 500 jobs in 2023
Domi Station contributes about $100 million to local economy with entrepreneur education and support
Posted at 5:56 PM, Feb 20, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-20 17:56:50-05
  • Domi Station, a coworking space in College Town, also educates and trains entrepreneurs for success in business.
  • In 2023, Domi's support for local businesses contributed nearly $100 million to the Tallahassee economy.
  • Watch now to see how Domi's track record of success inspires a current intern to pursue her own businesses.


Providing resources, education -- and in the long run -- prosperity for our city.

I'm Alberto Camargo in the College Town neighborhood.

Outside of Domi Station, a space where anyone with an itch to start a business can make it happen.

It's been working for nearly a decade, and it continues to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

"Marketing is the way. It's the driving force of sales, in my opinion."

Abby Dyer is a student at Florida State University and a marketing intern at Domi Station.

She has dreams of starting several businesses.

"I'm working on my skillset as a photographer and eventually I'd like to make that a business that I have. And the end, dream goal is to open a coffee shop."

Abby is in the right place to make that happen.

Domi Station is in its tenth year of helping Tallahassee entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into a booming reality.

Executive director Kara Holbert says that, like most good things, it starts by learning.

"We provide incubation services. -- essentially, education -- to early-stage entrepreneurs and small businesses that are looking to scale their business."

Through its partnership with Leon County, Domi Station sends the county Office of Economic Vitality an annual report of its impact on the local economy.

Here's that impact in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Almost $100 million to the Tallahassee economy from sales and revenue of all the businesses served by Domi.

That's 25 percent more than the previous year, showing promising recovery from the pandemic.

Two dozen businesses have graduated from the incubation program by expanding beyond Domi support.

Domi has also helped create over 500 jobs, totaling $35 million in wages and income.

It's a track record of success that gets Abby excited for her future.

"I think that learning any kinds of marketing tactics has just given me a lot of tools here as an intern to learn what works best, what gets the most attention and what brings people in. And I think that will help in future business endeavors."

As several businesses grow out of Domi's incubator, more step in. Domi says 12 more businesses joined it latest group.

In College Town, Alberto Camargo, ABC27.