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Championship or participation trophy? FSU fans split on Orange Bowl

The Seminoles could go undefeated for the fourth time ever, but not all fans are convinced it matters
Championship or participation trophy? FSU fans split on Orange Bowl
Posted at 7:01 PM, Dec 27, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-27 19:01:30-05
  • Florida State plays Georgia in the Orange Bowl on December 30 in Miami.
  • FSU fans are split on how important the upcoming game is considering the College Football Playoff snub.
  • Watch now to hear from two brothers who each have a different opinion of the game.


A chance to go undefeated... yet it feels incomplete.

A possible victory in the Orange Bowl... but still asking what could have been?

I'm Alberto Camargo in the Collegetown neighborhood.

I'm gauging the level of interest in the game from our neighbors...

And what — if anything — Seminole fans can take from it.

Campus is... obviously... a little quiet this time of year, so I headed over to my barbershop, Most Wanted, and caught up with Alonzo Mance.

Being right across the street from Doak Campbell Stadium... he's seen the team's progress up close.

"I cut a few of the players so I feel like they worked hard. We should go out there, have a great game to prove that we should be in the top 4."

That's what I kept hearing from Alonzo.

The Seminoles have a point to prove.

They're playing a team in Georgia that won the last two national titles.

And even though they won't be in the playoffs, Alonzo says the Seminoles should treat it like they are.

"Georgia is a good team. So, in our eyes its the championship."

While I was in there I also met Andrew Mance.

Let's just say he didn't agree with his brother.

"The Orange Bowl is a participation trophy."

Ironically, a big talking point has been the amount of 'Noles that won't be participating.

Over 20 players have opted out of the game.

Andrew says it's a chance to see some new faces...

"The players that are going to play, I'm excited for them, I'll be rooting for them...

But at the end of the day...

"It should be another team in the Orange Bowl. Not us. Not Florida State."

If the Seminoles win, it'll be their fourth undefeated season in program history.

Andrew says it'll be hard to shake the feeling of getting robbed, but...

"We just want to show the CFP, the powers that be, that we deserved better than what we got this season."

I'll be on the road Thursday to bring you coverage of the Orange Bowl right here on ABC27.

If you're headed down to Miami as well, get in touch with an email! In Collegetown, I'm Alberto Camargo.