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Cars driving through Railroad Ave. construction zone increases neighborhood concern for pedestrian safety

I asked the City of Tallahassee and Tallahassee Police about the trend
Cars driving through Railroad Ave. construction zone increases neighborhood concern for pedestrian safety
Posted at 6:04 PM, May 29, 2024
  • ABC27 viewers have expressed concerns about cars driving through construction zone on Railroad Ave. in College Town.
  • The road is currently closed for a 45-day period that began on May 6.
  • Watch now to see what city officials and police say they're doing about the trend.


Looking into your neighborhood concerns.

I'm Alberto Camargo, your College Town neighborhood reporter — back on Railroad Ave., where there's an obvious construction zone.

Yet, an ABC27 viewer sent us these images of cars trying to pass through anyways.

I'm checking in on this trend that we've been seeing for some time now since the road was closed to traffic.

It's been three weeks since the hard closure was put in place.

Stone Valley Way, Macomb St. and South Adams St. and FAMU Way have all been marked as detours and business access roads.

Construction crews are working to install a storm drain and waterline infrastructure.

But these images from a viewer show that cars have still been seen trying to get through, potentially putting pedestrians and workers in danger.

I asked Tallahassee Police about this trend this was their response:

"We're continuing to conduct extra patrols in numerous areas throughout the city, to include this area. Any suspicious activity observed by citizens should be reported to the Consolidated Dispatch Agency so officers are aware and can swiftly resolve any potential issues."

I checked it out for myself Wednesday where I met Joseph Jones.

He's a Florida State student that came through on his bike but stopped to walk over the railroad tracks.

He says that's to be safe around the construction area.

"It was just me trying to figure out where I should be so I'm not in their way."

I also spoke with Harley Sohot, manager at Tallulah Kava Bar & Lounge.

She says most of her customers have been neighbors walking or on bicycles and scooters.

"It's just such a walkable area in general. A lot of people live on campus or near it so they don't have cars. So I feel like that's why so many people are just doing what they always do."

I also asked the city of Tallahassee about their response to cars still passing through the area, and a spokesperson said this:

They have reached out to those onsite and they are monitoring for any issues as safety of the crews working and drivers are a priority.

It may be chaotic and messy now but the Railroad Ave. improvements are being done in part to improve pedestrian safety with wider sidewalks.

A change that Joseph welcomes.

"A bigger sidewalk is always nice. So that if someone is coming in on a bike and someone is over here, they're not going to hit each other. Biking on the road, depending where you are, I don't like doing it."

As I told you before, this full closure of Railroad Avenue is expected to end around June 20, with the entire project scheduled to last until the end of the year.

In College Town, Alberto Camargo, ABC27.