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Lowndes County Schools encourage community feedback with needs assessment survey

Lowndes Schools launched their survey to hear from parents and other stakeholders.
Posted at 7:40 PM, Mar 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-25 19:40:56-04
  • Lowndes County Schools is encouraging parents and stakeholders to fill out their needs survey.
  • The results will help their annual District Improvement Plan, each school's School Improvement Plan, and the 5-Year Strategic Long-range Plan.
  • Watch the video to hear from neighbors about where improvements are needed.


Lowndes County Schools needs your input for their improvement plan.

I'm Malia Thomas, your neighborhood reporter in Valdosta.

I'm speaking with parents in my neighborhood about what they'd like to see from the school system in the years to come.

"I like that they push them."

Diane Samedy is a neighbor with two sons in the Lowndes County School system.

They're active in sports and other extracurriculars; she's active in their education and stays on top of that through their teachers.

"They interact with the parents really good I have a good communication with them I emailed them they make themselves available which is really good for the child."

She tells me if she had one wish however, the high school could place more emphasis on other post-graduation options.

"They can do more with academics and then help those who are not going on to college... help them to go on to a maybe a secondary school like Wiregrass."

The school system is looking for feedback from parents like Diane.

They're launching their FY24 comprehensive survey to hear from parents and other stakeholders about what they're doing well and where there's room for improvement.

Topics include the Instructional System, Family & Community Engagement and Supportive Learning Environments. They also ask for opinions on school safety and handling the increase in migrant students.

Sandra Wilcher, superintendent for Lowndes County Schools, tells me the results will have a direct impact on the annual District Improvement Plan, each school's School Improvement Plan, and our 5-Year Strategic Long-range Plan.

"We encourage everyone to take the time to provide their feedback for this stakeholder survey as we assess our progress because we strive for excellence everyday"

Diane tells me one of those areas we can see progress in is with students with disabilities.

"One of my sons had IEP; they worked well with him, and I think that they need to develop more with working with children that have that needed an IEP or have learning disabilities. Just to help them to get through give them a little bit more more attention."

The survey is part of an ongoing monitoring of the school district's effectiveness in educating students. In Valdosta, I'm Malia Thomas, reporting for ABC27.