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Young Volunteers Care for Animals at Project IMPACT Summer Camp

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jun 06, 2024
  • Young volunteers at Project IMPACT Summer Service Camp spend a week caring for animals at local shelters.
  • The camp provides hands-on experience in animal care and fosters a sense of community service.
  • Watch the video to see how these kids are making a difference in Thomasville.


Paws…for a cause. I'm not the only one that had the pleasure of playing with these furry animals today. Young volunteers also joined me here at Miss Kitty Adoption Center and learned more about how volunteering is doing more for their community.

Welcome to Impact Summer Service Camp, A summer opportunity for students to give back to their community.

"We take them to two different non profits everyday and they work on a different project at every location. Everyday has a theme." said Angela Kiminas, Executive Director of Hands On Thomas County.

Thursday's theme? You guessed it, animals.

The kids had two animal shelters planned for the day.

Their first stop was Miss Kitty.

The art is about more than having a fun time.

"They'll title the painting, they'll put who the artist cat was and then miss kitty will use that to promote the cat and hopefully somebody will adopt them."

I then followed the kids to Thomasville Humane, another animal shelter in our neighborhood. I met with Sydney Plaff, the Engagement Director.

"They are making enrichment treats with peanut butter all sorts of good stuff for our dogs. They are taking them for walks around the property. We have put them to hard work filling in all the holes that our dogs have dug up in the play yard,

Relieving a little bit of the pressure when it comes to finding these furry neighbors new homes.

Although this week of intensive community service is about to end, Hands on Thomas County has more volunteering opportunities for the summer. Visit to learn more and continue making an impact in our neighborhood.