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Thomasville's Juneteenth celebration set to attract thousands

Festival expected to attract around 2,000 visitors
Posted at 6:50 PM, Jun 19, 2024
  • Thomasville's Juneteenth celebration has grown significantly since its start in 2019, with expectations of around 2,000 attendees this year.
  • Activities at the event include food vendors, job fairs, health screenings, car shows, and magic performances, all promoting community engagement and unity.
  • Watch the video to see firsthand interviews with organizers and participants about the festival's impact and significance.


Over 2000 attendees and 120 vendors and exhibitors are expected for a celebration aimed at commemorating the end of slavery in the U.S. after the Civil War. I'm talking to local business owners who say this celebration is personal.

This year's Juneteenth celebration has it all - from food vendors to job fairs, community resources, a health fair, a racing car show, and a magic show. Second Harvest is also distributing a thousand pre-boxed non-perishable items.

I talked to Ucher Dent, who tells me she wanted to ensure that this celebration is not only about having fun but also about providing resources, knowledge, and job opportunities for neighbors in Thomasville.

“It has made a tremendous impact on the economic development here. People are coming from everywhere, so they are going to need, of course, a place to stay, maybe local hotels here,” said Ucher Dent.

The Juneteenth festival started in Thomasville in 2019 with 400 people attending, but it has been growing every year. Usher tells me this year she’s expecting around 2000 people to show up.

“Last year was really our biggest year so far, but we think this year is going to top it all.”

Dent tells me this Juneteenth is all about freedom and unity, and she wants all kinds of people to come and not just have fun but also learn about the history behind celebrating Juneteenth.

“Two years for the enslaved people of Galveston, Texas to receive the news of being free. Our theme this year is truth, and the truth shall set us free.”

I talked to one of the participating businesses, and they tell me what’s most important to them is to give to the community and show people a good time.

“What we do is we go out and put on a show for the community. It’s all about the community - giving back to them with the cars and just having a great event,” said Danny Williams and Walter Guyton founders of Guyton Brothers Racins.

They tell me they will have over 50 cars and 30 motorcycles in the car show for people of all ages to see.

“They put them on all over the world, but to have one here is just great, you know, to be a part of.”

Join the Juneteenth celebration at the Thomasville Exchange Club Fairgrounds on Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.