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Thomasville boosts elementary literacy with summer reading initiative

Community-led efforts target improving reading skills
Posted at 5:11 PM, Jun 28, 2024
  • Thomasville launches a summer reading initiative to combat low elementary literacy rates, with 75% of kids not reading at grade level.
  • Local families participate in free this free event to enhance their children's reading skills during the summer break.
  • Watch the video to see how reading activities can be educational but fun at the same time


Did you know that according to 75% of elementary kids are not reading at grade level in Thomasville.

I'm checking in on reading initiatives the city is launching this summer to bring that number up.

According to USnews.comconly 25% of elementary kids in Thomasville are at or their proficient reading level. The two school systems in Thomasville along Literacy for Thomas County are working with the kids to improve their literally even when school is off.

"There's been a lot of work done during the school year and what better than to continue that work in the summer," said Ricky Zambrano, Community outreach for the city of Thomasville.

The summer reading series is free for parents and their kids to have a good time while sharpening their reading skills.

Something Lynn McCurdy tells me is really important for her two kids.

"Especially in the summer the kids will regress and lose some of those skills and what they gained during the school year and so this encourages them to keep building in those skills and to not lose what they learned during the year," said Kennedy Lynn McCurdy, Mom of two kids.

The focus of the initiative is improving literacy before third grade.

Zambrano says they're inviting media specialists from county and city schools to read to the kids and introduce the "My Thomasville" book writing contest.

Another initiative that encourages kids to be more creative and connected to their community.


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"We want them to write about what it's like to grow up in Thomasville and what are their experiences of living in a great community such as Thomasville, " said Zambrano.

McCurdy tells me she's grateful for the community's support, especially with the limited resources they have.

"It's harder to get those same opportunities that you know Atlanta area schools have," said McCurdy.

While the reading series ends in July, There are a lot more literacy events planned throughout the school year.

"We'll cast it off on July 28th with our grand finale - that would be the day that we announce the winner of the 'My Thomasville' book writing contest," said Zambrano.

Don't miss the next Summer Reading event on July 12th here in Thomasville!