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“We need help in this neighborhood” - SW Tallahassee neighbors voice concerns following Jake Gaither flooding

Posted at 6:24 AM, Apr 19, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-19 08:18:39-04
  • One week after historic flooding, neighbors in Southwest Tallahassee voiced their concerns with area leaders.
  • Those leaders said they hear the concerns but can’t give a timeline of when flooding issues can be fixed.
  • Watch the video above to hear from neighbors in the Jake Gaither community.


“We have seen this before, which is the main reason we’re calling for the city officials to actually come in now to intervene.”

Vandon Jones Jr. has been living in the Jake Gaither neighborhood for years. He tells me about the flash flooding that hit his area just one week ago.

“This was just as bad!”

 Sidewalks, driveways, and vehicles were submerged under muddy waters. Some neighbors were stranded for hours. Some used boats to get to safety.

Now, neighbors on this side of town are trying to find solutions.

“This our citizenship right to call our elected officials together.”

Jake Gaither Neighborhood President, Willie Whiting Jr., says it’s important for the neighborhood to be prepared.

“We already got a warning from the master, the master already told us look what’s coming, you’re not prepared, you’re not ready… who’s the master? I’m talking about Jesus!”

The neighborhoods first step toward a solution? Meeting with several city and county officials to see where everything stands for aftermath assistance and how to be better prepared for severe weather.

Local leaders say they hear the concerns but can’t give a timeline of when flooding issues can be fixed.

Massive flooding not only hit homes but also parks and other communities in the area. It’s an issue that neighbors like Whiting and Jones say needs to be fixed soon.

“We need help in this neighborhood!”

“It’s like this on the entire south side… not just Jake Gaither Park."