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"These kids need to be inspired" - Tallahassee neighbors celebrate Demp Week; talk about impacts

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jan 11, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-11 17:51:34-05
  • Demp Week is looked at as more than a birthday celebration for DJ Demp but a way to bring the community together and improve.
  • Demp Week highlights the importance of connecting Tallahassee through performing arts, education, and more.
  • Watch the video above to hear from DJ Demp and someone who's benefited from Demp Week personally.


"I just love taking pictures of people and making people look good."

That's Vaul Alexander, a photographer who lives in the Southside.

He tells me how important DJ Demp Week is to himself and the community.

"Demp Week is important, because it bridges the gap from all walks of life in the community."

Closing the gap on issues such as bullying for at-risk youth, transitional housing, and more. Alexander tells me this week is important because it benefits people in Southside neighborhoods as well. "We need it on the Southside because these kids need to be inspired."

Inspiring kids through performing arts, education, and events like DJ Demp Anti-Bullying rally, "I utilize my resources to give back. I let my platform be a platform for others…"

Not only are children benefiting from Demp Week, utilizing his resources through Demp Week is how Alexander benefited from it as well.

"I got to school in Tallahassee in '06 it was Demp Week 10, now we're at Demp Week 27. When my wife and I came to Tallahassee, we weren't married then, we lived right on the Southside, right down the street from Rickards. I started out as a local photographer and the benefit from working with Demp. I've grown to be a national and international photographer."

Bringing the community together by celebrating more than just a birthday, it's a celebration with a purpose.

"It brings everybody together."