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SEE HOW: Tornado destruction and debris traps neighbors on Burgess Drive

Posted at 9:09 AM, May 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-13 10:00:35-04
  • Neighbors who live on Burgess Drive are trapped within their own street.
  • Massive debris and destruction from the tornadoes has blocked off the sole entrance to the street.
  • Neighbors there are also dealing with no power and severe home damages.
  • Watch the video to hear from neighbors as they hope for a way out soon.


Lawrence Trawick, Burgess Drive Neighbor - "We can't get out, nobody can get in."

I’m neighborhood reporter, Kenya Cardonne in Southwest Tallahassee where neighbors on Burgess Drive are trapped in destruction following Friday’s tornadoes.

Trawick - "In case anybody was wondering, there is a whole neighborhood of people here, and we're waiting."

Burgess Drive..

Standing from the outside, you can see fallen trees.

Look closer, and you can see a street sign which means there is supposed to be a road under all of that debris!

Trawick - "There is no vehicle that can get in and out of this street. There is a huge tree right at the entrance."

The only entrance to this street, leaving dozens of people stuck in their homes.

If trying to get out from the inside, neighbors here face a mess of power lines, massive trees, and no power.

Trawick - "For us it's not necessarily the power. We're trapped, literally. We can't get out of here."

This makeshift pathway you see me trying to walk through right now, is their only way out.

It's thanks to these neighbors who have opened their backyard to fellow neighbors.

Yet despite the high spirits..

Trawick - "It's rough, its rough."

Neighbor Lawrence Trawick walked me through the devastation.

Trawick - "We've had some great people come back here and say 'Man I wish I could do something.'"

He says landscapers end up turning away from the neighborhood.. and they tell him it's because power lines are everywhere.

Problem is—

Trawick - "The main power is back there."

—Unreachable without landscaping.

Trawick - "There's another lady down there on oxygen. Like I said we have older individuals and they can't do anything."

I reached out to American Red Cross to get these folks some help. Since then, Trawick tells me both the City and the County have contacted him.

And while neighbors tell me they understand City and County crews are swamped with work.. they can't help not feeling hopeless..

Trawick - "I don't know any other way you would feel when you're trapped and nobody is coming to help you."

The City of Tallahassee says getting all lights back on will go into Monday.

Neighbors here, just want at least a way out.

In Southwest Tallahassee, Kenya Cardonne ABC 27