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New WaWa included in next round of economic development around Tallahassee's airport

A total of 39 permanent jobs are expected with the gas station project
Posted at 10:38 AM, Jan 18, 2024
  • A new Wawa gas station is in the works for Southwest Tallahassee near the airport.
  • Airport leaders are also getting more money to develop international processing.
  • Watch the video above to hear from airport officials and community members.


“First of all, I love WAWA. I’m a WAWA guy.”

Kenneth Taite owns Haggai Construction in Tallahassee. I spoke with him about the new economic development projects in the area of Tallahassee International Airport.

“These projects it might have 39 assigned to it but they tend to have a cascading effect.”

Wednesday evening, city leaders gave the green light for the next steps in development here. That includes a WAWA gas station here at the corner of Capital Circle Southwest and Spring Hill Road.

“I think it’s paramount to the success of Southwest Tallahassee, to have that economic growth.”

That development is projected to create approximately 58 direct, 16 indirect, and 18 induced jobs, for a total of 39 permanent jobs and over 53 temporary construction jobs.

City leaders also approved sending $800,000 more toward the airport’s International Processing Facility project, also known as customs.

The original cost was more the $30 million. Leaders at TLH say the extra 800,000 is meant to cover increased costs due to unforeseen issues and material costs.

I spoke with Director of Aviation at TLH, David Pollard, about how benefits those living in the area. “It’s an exciting time at the airport for the things that we’re bringing to our community and also the traveler… the everyday benefits that they see.”

Benefits that neighbors like Taite say can be appreciated.

“I really appreciate these types of projects coming to our town.”