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"It could help lower the crime rate in our area," Tuskegee Neighbors weigh in on safety cameras coming

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jan 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-26 17:24:40-05
  • TPD plans to install new safety cameras in neighborhoods in Southwest Tallahassee.
  • Nearly 30 cameras have been installed throughout the city, and TPD says they'll continue to use community input in the process.
  • Watch the video above to see how neighbors feel about the safety cameras in their area.


"Two of our members cars got hit with bullets while we were having church…"

Stanley Walker is a community member living Tallahassee… he recalls a shooting that happened in his neighborhood earlier this year and explains why he believes safety cameras are important…

"I actually grew up in the Tuskegee neighborhood… I feel wonderful knowing that the police department is putting cameras in our neighborhood."

Recently, Tallahassee Police announced the installation of safety cameras are coming to the Tuskegee neighborhood and along West Pensacola Street…

The cameras are to ensure transparency and public safety according to TPD.

"By them putting cameras in our neighborhood it will actually give more awareness to the elderly and it could help lower the crime rate in our area…"

Nearly 30 TPD cameras have been installed throughout town, so I asked Walker about what he thinks about the new technology coming to his community…

"They are very high-class technology… it's almost like shooting a movie…"

High class technology is what many neighbors say will help capture anything.

"If somebody decides to do something wrong in this area they better think twice because they might end up in jail…"

That's Russell Arnold. He's lived in the Tuskegee neighborhood for over 20 years…

I asked Arnold how he feels personally about the safety cameras, and if he thinks it’s necessary... He tells me...

“They are not looking for me so it's a safety precautionary measure, so it's fine to me."

TPD says "The placements are determined based on review of crime trends, departmental needs, and community feedback…"

Something Walker says can be helpful…

"It's very helpful. To be able to identify some of the crime scenes, some of the people that's causing some of the violence that's going on in our community…"