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"The worst I've seen in this area" - Storm leaves Woodville community in destruction and powerless

Posted at 6:37 PM, May 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-10 18:37:05-04
  • Woodville homes and businesses are destroyed and powerless following the severe weather.
  • Large trees and downed power lines are scattered across roads and are crushing homes.
  • Watch the video to hear from neighbors who were left frightened by the impact.

Severe weather leaves a path of destruction through the Southeast Tallahassee neighborhood.

Clessa Rodriguez, Woodville Neighbor - “I’m depressed, I was scared, scared for my life, for me and my husband passing away or something."

I'm Kenya Cardonne, your Southeast Tallahassee neighborhood reporter.

I'm checking in on neighbors who have a rough start to the weekend.

Rodriguez - "No, never.. never been through this."

Clessa Rodriguez tells me she's lived in her Woodville home for three years and has never seen storm damage like this.

Powerful winds pushed this tree right on top of a car!

Rodriguez - "My husband looked out the window and he said baby there's a tree on the car and I just started crying you know because it's the only vehicle we have."

This kind of destruction is everywhere in Woodville.

An employee at the local Food Giant Supermarket tells me she saw the storm headed her way and ran to take cover before it busted the store's doors.

Smitty Stephens, Store Manager at Food Giant Supermarket - "Hopefully we'll soon have power back and get the store open so our customers can come back and shop with us."

Not too far away, Gulf Coast Lumber & Supply.

A barn that employees tell me has stood there since the 80's— now roof-less.

Another Woodville neighbor took me into his home, where a large tree blew through his kitchen.

Michael Vaughn, Owner of Twice the Ice Woodville - "This is the worst I mean we've got trees down, power lines down. I haven't seen anything like this, even during the hurricanes."

And although neighbors tell me they're in distress, they say recovery is all they can think about.

Rodriguez - "Trying to clean up out here, get everything straight, working myself on getting another vehicle, and you know just have to go on with life and just pray it never happens again."

I checked in with the City of Tallahassee.

They tell me they don't know exactly how much time it will take to get the power back up for neighbors here, but they are working to make it happen as quickly as possible.

In Southeast Tallahassee, Kenya Cardonne, ABC 27