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SEE HOW: Neighbors push through property insurance claim stress from tornadoes

Posted at 5:49 PM, Jun 14, 2024
  • More than a month after the tornadoes, neighbors are still dealing with property damage insurance claims.
  • Neighbors dealing with an unfair settlement from insurance companies may consider hiring an attorney for help.
  • Watch the video to hear from neighbors and experts on how the process is going and how to prepare ahead of the next disaster.


Glen Campbell, Neighbor - "I knew I had insurance I just wasn't sure, you know, how much insurance? You know, what's this going to cover?"

I'm Kenya Cardonne, your Southeast Tallahassee neighborhood reporter.

I'm speaking with neighbors now left to navigate filing property insurance claims and I'm also digging into what neighbors can do to prepare for next time.

Campbell - "Day one of the event, we came out and we were all kind of like zombies that first day. The second day we were like.. what do we do?"

Indianhead neighbor Glen Campbell— just one of many across the Southeast dealing with property insurance claims after the tornadoes left his home with loads of debris and damages.

Campbell - "I knew I had insurance I just wasn't sure, you know, how much insurance? You know, what's this going to cover? You know, when you walk outside, you're just like.. what do we do?"

He says between trying to understand insurance terminology, piling out-of-pocket expenses and hiring a public adjuster to counter what he feels was an unfair settlement from his insurance company.. it's been a stressful month.

Khalil Farah, Attorney at Farah & Farah - "The biggest stress when it comes to property damage claims typically is when the insurance company is trying to say that something was caused by something other than the storm."

The experts at Farah & Farah Law Firm tell me you may consider hiring an attorney that can fight for your coverage with the help of damage experts.

Since we are in hurricane season, he says it's time to prepare for more potential damage by reviewing your policy..

Farah - "Check your deductible, check what's excluded, check to make sure you're covered under the risks that you really do face."

..And documenting the condition of your home before the next storm hits.

Farah - "You know, maybe go up into the crawlspace if you can, take photos of the roof showing that all the shingles are there and nothing's leaking."

At a time when many neighbors are feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed by the tornado aftermath, it's important to remember that there are scammers out there trying to take advantage of that.

If you suspect fraud taking place in your community, you can contact the Florida Insurance Fraud Hotline at 1-800-378-0445.

In Southeast Tallahassee, Kenya Cardonne, ABC 27.