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"Pull up your bootstraps" - Severe weather damages Southeast Tallahassee neighborhoods

Posted at 1:39 PM, May 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-10 13:39:36-04
  • Neighbors in Southeast Tallahassee are assessing the damage following Friday morning's severe weather.
  • Trees and branches fell into some homes in the neighborhood.
  • Watch the video above to see the damage and hear from neighbors who are working to clean up.


I’m Forrest Saunders in the Southeast Neighborhood of Tallahassee. If you look behind me you’ll see what we’re dealing with out here: a lot of downed trees.

I’m standing in the middle of Four Oaks Blvd right now. The road closed not just because of this but that as well. Many downed trees, debris, home damage. Work, just getting started.

Almost as fast as it blew through— those in the Southwood neighborhood of Tallahassee trying to clean up what Mother Nature left behind Friday morning. That’s before another round of storms began

“Oh, my gosh— like I didn’t think it was so bad. But I couldn’t believe it,” said Shamarial Roberson. Among those in one of the worst hit parts of Southwood…  “Is everybody okay?” “Everybody is okay.”

The Maple Ridge development saw tree trunks split like toothpicks.  Windows busted, cars crushed, a large limb skewering this home. The branch bursting through the roof and into the front door. 

John Anderson of Tallahassee said, "we were lucky for sure.”

Elsewhere, branches even whole trees litter roadways and yards as homeowners take stock of what they’ll need to repair. 

“I’m just looking at my new roof too — I just had that done.”

The next step— putting it all back together.  Some making sure their mind is in the right place to make it happen. 

“Yeah — pull up your bootstraps. Do a little bit of hard work and clean her up.”