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Curbside debris collection officially underway in Leon County

Posted at 6:30 PM, May 17, 2024
  • Leon County's Curbside Debris Collection is officially underway.
  • In just one day, crews have already picked up about 10,000 cubic yards of debris.
  • Watch the video for tips on how to properly pile debris curbside.


Leon County has begun its Curbside Debris Collection

Glen Campbell, Neighbor - "Alright!"

I'm Kenya Cardonne, your Southeast Tallahassee neighborhood reporter. I'm speaking with neighbors about this step forward from devastation.

Campbell - "Get this debris out of here!"

Southeast Tallahassee neighbor Glen Campbell expressing what most people in Leon County are feeling after severe weather left so many neighborhoods in piles of debris.

Fortunately, Curbside Debris Collection has officially begun.

Friday, the County tells me 17 trucks were sent out, starting with the hardest hit areas in Leon County.

In just one day, they say trucks picked up about 10,000 cubic yards of debris.

For reference, that's almost half of the total amount of debris picked up over several days following Hurricane Idalia.

Campbell - "The major impact I have is that I have to pull out of the driveway very slow so I can see."

Neighbors tell me they're excited for this step forward.

Campbell - "I'm definitely looking forward to it being gone. It's going to be interesting to watch them do it because there are some big chunks of wood in there."

Curbside pick up will continue throughout the week as crews work to comb through all of Leon County.

Here are some guidelines to make sure you're piling up your debris appropriately:

-Build your piles between the sidewalk and the curb

-Only vegetative debris is being collected.. meaning loose and unbagged trees, leaves and logs.

-Don't stack or lean debris against anything that could block crews from scooping your pile.

Leon County's second sweep of curbside debris will happen either in Late May or early June.

In Southeast Tallahassee, Kenya Cardonne, ABC 27