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After trees fell on home, Southeast Tallahassee neighbor says he is lucky to be alive

Posted at 6:12 PM, May 13, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-13 18:12:15-04
  • Power is still out and crews are continuing clean up after an EF-2 tornado came over the Indian Head Acres neighborhood Friday.
  • One neighbor says he wasn't sure if he would survive the storm during the tornado.
  • Watch the video to hear what he says he did to protect his family:

Trees are down, debris is scattered all around and crews worked through the rain to help neighbors in Southeast Tallahassee.

Neighbors in the Indian Head Acres neighborhood saw an EF-2 tornado came straight through Friday morning.

Over 100 mile per hour winds snapped trees and damaged homes off of Seminole Drive.

Thomas Hoover was in his house in the area when his family woke up in fear Friday morning. "Definitely terrifying at one point to not know if you are actually going to be able to live the next day, make it through."

Two trees landed on his home. He took his family to the hallway, a decision he said could have been lifesaving. "Out of a blink of an eye you gotta make the right decision or you gonna die."

His step daughter Haley said seeing what the tornado did shocked her. "We had walked out the living room, we had saw the tree in their bedroom and we had walked to the living room, water all on the floor. By the ceiling fan, cracks where water is now leaking."

A NWS map shows where those tornadoes came through.

Their neighborhood — right in the path.

That's why people like Albert Bryan came from the panhandle to clear debris. He does storm clean up work and said the destruction here will take a while to recover from. "With roof damage, water damage, tree damage, it's going to be a new normal around here."

Hoover said he thinks it will take a long time to get back to normal too, but says he's staying positive. "I don't know what else to do now except keep my head up and do the best that I can."

With so much debris around, you're going to see a lot of crews working the streets in these areas.

Make sure you pull over for them or turn around so they can finish clearing the debris and getting the power back on for neighbors in this community.