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"A lot of heat" - Neighbors in senior living complex demand more emergency support from property management

Posted at 10:36 PM, May 25, 2024
  • Neighbors at Brookestone Senior Residences held a meeting with state officials and property management about support during emergencies.
  • It comes after they say the May 10th tornadoes left them stranded and without power in their complex.
  • Watch the video to hear from neighbors about what they are demanding from property management.

A community meeting leaves neighbors feeling both hopeful and hopeless.

David Hand, Neighbor - "Overall sense of neglect"
Jacqueline Parker, Neighbor - "I’m hopeful I really don’t wanna have to move."

I'm Kenya Cardonne, your Southeast Tallahassee neighborhood reporter. I'm speaking with neighbors at Brookstone Senior Residences following a heated meeting about the need for better support during emergencies.

Parker - "This is our home you know as a senior you don't have too many places to go and so you put up with, and you put up with, and you put up with, you know, but after a while you begin to feel.. well I can't put up with anymore"

Jacqueline Parker, one of hundreds of neighbors who claim management at Brookestone Senior Residences left them stranded following the May 10th tornadoes.

ABC 27 was there earlier this week, speaking with the seniors after they went several days with no power, no working elevators and no working emergency line -- putting residents, especially those on wheelchairs and high-maintenance medication, at risk.

Saturday, the Community Room filled up with neighbors and state officials like Representative Allison Tant, all working together on ideas on how to make sure it never happens again.

Neighbor during meeting - "One of my suggestions is at the end of the hallway or every few doors, someone who is capable of going out and checking on their neighbors."

Neighbors also demanded more proactive engagement from management, including a generator to keep them from being stuck in the dark the next time a disaster hits.

Hand- "There was a lot of heat there were a lot of upset people.. like that overall sense of neglect that that we all collectively feel here at Brookstone about Cambridge management"

Although a concrete solution wasn't exactly reached, property management had the chance to address the community directly.

Property Management during meeting - "There's a lot of ideas that we are taking notes of at this very moment so we can talk and see what we can do to implement anything better."

Neighbors tell me they were left with mixed feelings, but they are glad they were at least able to voice their concerns together.

Parker - "We don't get that opportunity here. It is as though nobody wants to hear you. Just pay rent, that's what you do. Just pay the rent and leave us alone."

Hand - "I think we we made progress today and we're looking forward to continuing that"

Neighbors tell me they plan to meet again next month, and at least once a month after that. In Southeast Tallahassee, Kenya Cardonne, ABC 27