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Two Quincy organizations are facing a challenge after state funding has been removed

State of Florida removed all state grant funding for art and cultural organizations
Posted at 4:41 PM, Jul 01, 2024
  • Gadsden Arts and Quincy Main Street are looking for ways to make up losing some funding dollars.
  • Art and cultural organizations grant made up a big potion of each organizations budget.
  • Watch the video to hear from both organizations


Neighbors in Quincy are working together to find a way to raise more money for arts and culture. I’m Ashley Engle your neighborhood reporter. State leaders vetoed millions of dollars for arts and culture that affected many organizations here. I’m looking at what they’re doing now to fill the gap.

It's a…

“Sudden change with a sudden challenge.”

That Grace Robinson at Gadsden Arts and other organizations are navigating right now.

“This was an unanticipated change.”

What Grace is talking about is the State of Florida removing all state grant funding for art and cultural organizations.

This $32 million cut in anticipated revenue will influence many small non-profit organizations, including Gadsden Arts and Quincy Main Street.

“For us it has made up 7 to 12 percent of our budget.”

Both Gadsden Arts and Quincy Main Street used part of this funding to give families in this neighborhood and from all over free activities to do.

For the last two years Quincy Main Street has received this funding to host Quincy Porchfest.

Julie Baroody, the president of Quincy Main Street says last year they receive $25,000 for the event.

“$25,000 we get for Porchfest is a huge part of our tiny budget as a very small non-profit.

Last year, the festival had over a $200,000 impact in this neighborhood.

Julie says the festival contributes directly towards the economic revitalization of the neighborhood.

Revitalization that Gadsden Arts also does but through this neighborhood’s children.

“We are the sole provider of art experiences for children and youth for thousands of kids out here. State funding has helped us do that.”

With a sudden challenge that has arisen, it’s now time for both organizations to go to the drawing board, to hopefully continue the positive financial impact they have, with less resources.

“We are so grateful for the funding and the funding enabled us to really do great work in our small town.”

“We have enjoyed that support and have been grateful for that support.”

Grace tells me the funding also allowed them to do things with kids here in the neighborhood. Giving them scholarships to attend their summer camps and some children even attending them for free.