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SEE WHERE: Four-way stop could be added to busy Quincy intersection

Florida Highway Patrol says 10 crashes occurred this the intersection of Joe Adams Road and High Bridge road in the past decade.
Posted at 5:29 PM, Apr 08, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-08 17:29:31-04
  • Gadsden County leaders are working to potentially put a four-way stop at the intersection of High Bridge Road and Joe Adams Road in Quincy.
  • Neighbors are concerned about speeding, crashes and drivers not stopping at stop signs already placed.
  • Watch the video to see how busy this intersection can get and what neighbors would like to see change.

The intersection at Joe Adams Road and High Bridge Road has had 10 crashes in the past decade.

Neighbors here tell me they are scared to enter this intersection due to the high traffic. I’m checking to see what county leaders are doing to potentially take that fear away.

"We're just so afraid that we might get killed coming out of here."

A fear that Rutha Black wishes she didn't have when she enters this intersection.

She enters this intersection from Jim Williams Road, across the Joe Adams Road.

"We've had several accidents here, several."

Crashes that have caused her and other neighbors to want a solution to use the intersection safely.

County leaders now are working to potentially add a four-way stop.

"It's imperative that we do something to try to prohibit something major or a catastrophe from happening as it relates to a fatality.

Commissioner Ronterious Green says this concern has been brought up before.

"It's just time that we get some sort of action taken place."

Rutha says me her biggest concern is people speeding and blind spots at the intersection.

"As you can see from my left, the county has made some improvements so that we can see coming out. But as I stop at the stop sign and look to my right, we have to almost insert into the highway to see what is coming to my right side."

I did the turn Rutha was talking about myself. First thing I noticed; I definitely could not see anything coming from the right.

I also noticed hill in front of me making it hard to see.

"That hill, is really what is the major issue and I know that this is not the only improvement that we would do but we have to do something now."

Speeding, blind spots and not stopping at the current stop signs in place now. But neighbors like Rutha believe one needs to be put in place, before a life is taken.

"I’m not sure what's the best solution but the engineers are working on it."

Commissioner Green says he hopes they can put a solution in place in the next 30 days.