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SEE WHERE: Affordable housing coming to the Quincy neighborhood

Quincy Commissioners approved a grant for $909,000 to extend South Spring Road to build the complex
Posted at 4:47 PM, Jun 12, 2024
  • Quincy Commissioners approved a grant for $909,000 to extend South Spring Road.
  • Quincy will be getting a new affordable housing complex at the end of South Spring Road.
  • Watch the video to see what needs to be done to break ground.


More affordable housing is coming to the Quincy neighborhood. I’m Ashley Engle your neighborhood reporter. Before construction can start on these apartments. There are some steps the city still needs to take. I’m taking a look at what needs to be done.

Steps that are in place ….

"A lot of people don't have nowhere to live because of the price of housing."Steps Gwendolyn Costilla knows need to be taken for her neighborhood to get affordable housing.

"We need it here in Gadsden County"

The pin on your screen is where the affordable housing is going to be. Located right next the Walmart on pat Thomas Parkway on South Spring Road.

Now check this out. Florida Apartments Association says Gadsden County currently has a shortage of 823 apartments regardless of income level. By the year 2030, Gadsden County will have a housing gap of 339 units.

"There's quite a bit of need for housing. We have residents that are hurting for right now as far as financially, so this will help them out quite a bit.

Richard ash is Quincy's utilities director. He tells me before construction can begin, south spring road needs to be extended.

"Motion carries 5 to 0"

Tuesday, Quincy Commissioners approved a grant for $909,000 to do so.

This will allow them to extend the road by 1,200 ft and...

"Add the storm sewer and all the utilities to go with it."

With a plan in place neighbors like Gwendolyn say, it's a start for more affordable housing options for neighbors.

"Everybody that can make a difference should."

City leaders tell me this is a step forward for Quincy as they are working to add more housing across the neighborhood as a part of their economic development plan.