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Quincy rescue shuts down; other surrounding rescues are feeling the burden

Rest Your Paws President Angela Geary was charged with 51 county of Animal Cruelty. QPD says the rescues animal living conditions were inhumane.
Posted at 4:39 PM, Jun 14, 2024
  • Rest Your Paws President Angela Geary was charged with 51 county of Animal Cruelty.
  • The closure of the rescue is impacting Champs Champs, another rescue in Quincy.
  • Watch the video to see how Champs Champs plans to deal with the influx of animals while still cleaning up from recent tornado damage.

One Quincy animal rescue is now shut down and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. I’m your neighborhood reporter Ashley Engle. I am digging to see how this shut down is affecting another shelter in this neighborhood.

"A rescue shutting down is never, ever a good thing for other rescues.

Alicia Bopp is the owner of Champs Chance Animal Rescue in Quincy.

“The dogs that they could have saved, good, bad or indifferent, all fall to every other rescue that's out there."

She tells me the arrest's impact is going to be felt at her rescue.

Champs Chance was also hit by a tornado a month ago and are still rebuilding.

“We’re about the only really left in the county that’s open.”

QPD arrested Rest Your Paws president Angela Geary earlier this month.

QPD’s LT. Scott Littlefield tells me the conditions of the rescue were inhumane.

“Upon further inspection of the property there was no water no food. Dogs and cats in their own equal matter, it was a pretty disturbing sight.”

Geary was charged with 51 counts of animal cruelty.

“There is a zero tolerance for animal cruelty in the city of Quincy.”

With the arrest and picking up what a tornado let off one month ago, Alicia says her and her team still have hope and will do as much as they can to keep their furry friends safe.

“It’s a community problem it’s a people problem. It’s going to take everyone pitching in together and helping to make a difference in all of this.”

Alicia says they are looking for volunteers to help clean up the aftermath the tornado left. Most importantly, fosters and adopters.