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Quincy Police working to stop speeding in the neighborhood; see what they're doing

So far this year Quincy Police have recorded 32 crashes.
Posted at 3:05 PM, Apr 30, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-30 15:05:56-04
  • QPD has written 59 citations in the past two weeks.
  • Operation slow down is to make Quincy neighbors aware of their speed and keep other drivers safe on the roads.
  • Watch the video to see where most of the speeding is happening.


I’m Ashley Engle your Quincy neighborhood reporter. So far this year, Quincy Police have recorded 32 crashes. Because of this, they're working to keep that number from increasing by enforcing speed and writing more tickets.

It's called Operation Slow Down. It's meant to, "slow speeders down, bad driving habits, and educate people on safer driving habits as well."

This is an initiative Quincy Police started April 22nd. So far, Officer Mackey has written 59 citations since they started.

"If we have the general public feel like I’m everywhere, they're going to slow down."

This all started after neighbors voiced their concerns.

"We had citizens complaining about people speeding, running through traffic signs."

QPD interim chief Carlos Hill says King St, Jefferson St, U.S. 90 and Pat Thomas Parkway are where they received the most complaints.

"We do have posted speed limits and those speed limits are there for a reason."

QPD says they recorded two deadly crashes from 2023 to this year.

"This is our initiative moving forward. Operation slowdown is going to be a continuous, ongoing operation to make sure that the citizens in Quincy are safe on the roadways."

Their goal is making neighbors aware of their speed, but also, keeping everyone safe.

"We don't want to issue tickets but if we have to, then we got to do what we got to do."