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Quincy Police Department plans to increase patrols to decrease crime; see how we got here

Posted at 5:51 PM, Jan 04, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-04 17:51:23-05
  • Quincy Police Departments is increasing patrols in the city this year.
  • New plans were sparked after recent crimes occurred in the area.
  • View the video to hear from leaders in the community about the need for crime prevention.


Recent crimes here have sparked more plans to keep this neighborhood safe. I'm Ashley Engle your neighborhood reporter in Quincy where I spoke to a local pastor who says it doesn't only start with the police to stop crime.

Stopping crime before, "we lose our future and we must do something to turn this problem around." Chaplin Salters is talking about recent crimes earlier this week.

This follows a homicide on east Washington Street December 31st and a burglary 48 hours after on South Patton Street.

"Violence period, Ashley, is a problem in our world and community."

Quincy PD says they will be increasing patrols in the city because of the recent crimes.

To do this, they need to plan for it in the 2025 budget.

That could mean one officer in each district.

I spoke with some neighbors around the square including some business owners who didn't want to speak on camera, but they say stopping crime doesn't only start with the police

"It has to be the community getting involved working together with law enforcement as pastors and leaders and do all that we can in our community, in our churches to inform our young people that we are concerned and that we can change this."

QPD said they will be increasing patrol during later hours of the night and plan to provide extra security for businesses who operate after hours in order to serve the neighborhood better.