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Over 5,000 neighbors in Gadsden County are facing food insecurity; leaders are working to bridge the gap

Quincy leaders are partnering with Second Harvest of the Big Bend to hold a free food distribution June 29th.
Posted at 5:55 PM, Jun 26, 2024

QUINCY, Fla. (WTXL) — More than 5,000 neighbors in Gadsden County face food insecurity, according to data from Feeding America.
Leaders are working with area food banks to help neighbors make ends meet.
Watch the video to see where you can get help in the days ahead.


Look at this. Neighbors in Southwest Quincy have to drive about 10 miles to get to their nearest grocery store. I’m Ashley Engle in the Quincy neighborhood where leaders are going to be hosting a free food distribution. I’m looking at why this is needed.

Food, a necessity to life.

"I know some pretty wealthy people around this lake around here that are hurting"

But it’s getting harder for some neighbors, like Keith Trim, to get.

"I get three hundred dollars a month in food stamps because of my disability and I’m feeding five people in my house."

Trim volunteers at Bostick Temple Christian Center and helps with their food distribution they have weekly.

They are a partner agency with second harvest of the big bend.

But he and other leaders, like Quincy’s City Clerk Janice Shackelford, say..

"The need is so great here in the city of Quincy"

Ms. Shackelford is right the need is great in this neighborhood.

Feeding America says more than 5,000 neighbors in Gadsden County are facing food insecurity and one of the reasons is because of the increase in food prices.

"Do you believe inflation has had a greater impact in Quincy this past year"

"Oh, most definitely. Because the prices are so high."

Nerd wallet says food prices have increased by 26 percent since 2020.

"Money running out, it doesn’t go far no more."

Quincy leaders are working to take the burden of food inflation off neighbor's shoulders

They are partnering with second harvest of the big bend to hold a free food distribution to bridge the gap for this neighborhood to get fed.

"If I’m hurting, and I’m low income I know everyone else."

The food distribution will be taking place Saturday June 29th at the wards lot starting at 10 am. I’ll have the exact address and more information linked to this story on our website, at